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D. Throne, children’s electronic car manufacturing brand, has conducted the development of the third-generation model through engineering design and exterior design of new products aiming to produce products that can be used together as a family, as well as children. 
The third-generation model of D. Throne has set a new direction as a premium family of electric vehicles that can be together as a family in a variety of environments and reinterpreted with a modern sensibility based on the style of the classic handmade car exteriors that were created in the mid-to early 1900s.

The third-generation of D. Throne model has been enhanced by using actual car painting processes and hand-made leather, improving the quality of the product. This model also has been composed by simply dividing its body parts into two sections, which are top and bottom, using plastic molding techniques.In addition, it is designed to simultaneously configure gold grill parts located in front of the body, and a fender structure attached to each wheel, which maintains a design of a classic car.  Concurrently, it has implemented a user-friendly feature that allows users to safely and easily manage and use the car.

In addition, the third-generation model can be converted for a variety of vehicle types together with the development of the two seats, a smart controller, and boarder that can be operated aboard with the children's parents with the three driving modes. 
A family can enjoy outdoor activities while it is available to convert the mode in situations when carrying children in something like a stroller. 
To have these various functions possible, the structures of the design and appearance have been delicately constructed and engineered using advanced technology during the entire electronic car development process.

D. Throne geared up with higher performance electric vehicles was considered as a safe usability, through numerous tests, we built a smart safety systems based on the verified data

Max. Load: 220 kg

Reach: 30 km

Speed: 7 - 15 km/h

Battery: Li-Ionen 24V 8.8AH

Charger: 24V 6ah

Charging Time: 4 h

Weight: 41 kg

Colours: Black,White, Olive

D.THRONE electric car

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