Outdoor sport complex

Equipment description:

Multifitness Gym is an ideal solution for group activities, intended for outdoor use. Multifitness Gym offers various stations, pull-up bars in different performances, separate abdominal and back muscle stations, parallels, steps, horizontal and vertical Swedish wall, different levels of pumping, punching bag, etc. The whole trainer is perfectly thought out, so that several people can train freely at the same time. It is possible to complete the trainers according to your wishes. Easy to use with TRX and other devices. Multifitness Gym is certified to EN16630 TÜV The construction of the device is made of galvanized steel, coated with hot paint, which is particularly resistant to the adverse effects of various environmental conditions and to UV radiation. All screw and fastener locations are covered with plastic liners. Multifitness Gym is certified by EN16630 TÜV.

The gym complex consists of:

  • galvanized, hot-painted UV-resistant metal poles - 2 pcs.,
  • metal posts for galvanized metal pallets - 2,
  • pull bars in wide grip with rubberized handles
  • abdominal press training platforms, covered with EPDM (lying down) - 1 piece,
  • abdominal press training platforms, covered with EPDM (upright) - 1 piece,
  • parallel simulation training platforms - 1 piece,
  • Galvanized metal pallets of metal posts are concreted to a depth of 600 mm in the concrete mass (400 mm) and covered with natural primer to a thickness of 200 mm.


  • Length 3259 mm
  • Width 2549 mm
  • Height 2526 mm

Outdoor sport complex

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